Class Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 16-19, 2017

This Week in 4-2                     
Multiplication & Division                       
Reading: Realistic Fiction Novels                                           
Spelling: Vowel Sounds /ou/&/o/                         
Social Studies: European Explorers                               
Science: Solar System

Spelling Words              
aloud      bald           hawk    
south     faucet       proud 
claw       tower         stalk 
couple     howl           false 
dawn       allow          drown 
pause      fault          cause 
amount    cloudier       
Challenge Words                
applaud   foul            browse
gnaw                doubt

Parent Teacher Conferences: Conference time & date options were sent out by email. If you did not receive an email, please email Mrs. Campbell at sandra_campbell@charleston.

Tests This Week               
**Math: Chapter 3 Test                                                                     
-Thursday-                                                                                  **Spelling: Test on vowel /oo/&/o/                     
**Grammar: Test on Conjunctions                 
Vocabulary Quiz                                       
**Math M.W. & DOL Quiz 

Important Dates:                                    
Doughnuts for Dads: Oct. 17th  
Early Release:
Oct.19th @1:30     
No School:
Data Conferences:
Oct 20th          
Red Ribbon Week:
Oct 23-27th
Report Cards:
Kona Ice: Oct
. 27th

**Thank you to Abbey Morea for sending in class store items. Thanks to Addison Parfrey for sending pencil rerasers.

**Fall Field Trip Money: Please return your signed permission slip & $30.00 for our fall field trips.