Class Weekly Newsletter

Week of April 24-28, 2017

This Week in 4-2                     
Customary Measurement Review                         
Reading: DBQ/Review                                                                          Spelling: Unaccented Final Syllables (er,ar,or)                                                                
Social Studies:Civil War/Review                                         
Science: Sound/Review                        
Spelling Words:                  
other       color          collar
doctor      spider        sugar
rather      dollar         favor  
solar         cover         silver
weather    flavor        mother
flower      father       mirror
under       rumor        motor
tractor     grammar    harbor

Spelling Homework: Complete homework on all words listed.

**SC Ready & PASS Testing:  Please make every effort to come to school and be on time. We are reviewing. Testing dates are May 2-4th (for SC Ready) and May 9-10th (for SCPASS).

Snacks for Testing: There will be an opportunity parents to send in snacks for testing. A letter will come home this week.

Tests This Week                                                
**Math: Check My Progress Quiz (Ch 11 Lessons 5-7)              
**Science: Sound Voc. Quiz                                                                
**Spelling: Test on Unaccented Final Syllables            
**Social Studies: Civil War Voc. Quiz     

Important Dates:                                               
MAP Testing: April 25th & 27th
Teacher Appr.: Week of May 1st
SC Ready Testing: May 2-4th   
SCPASS Testing: May 9-10th     
Muffins for Moms: May 16th                      

**Map Testing: Math MAP testing is on Tuesday and Reading MAP testing is on Thursday. Please get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast, so you can do your best.

**Student of the Week**   Hayley Ware was student of the week. Her birthday was April 16th . Happy Birthday Hayley!