Class Weekly Newsletter

Week of December 18-22, 2017

This Week in 4-2                     
Reading: Historical Fiction    
Writing: Jamestown DBQ                                    
Spelling: /k/, /ng/, /kw/ words                           
Social Studies: Revolutionary War                               
Science: Plants & Animals

Spelling Words:                  
risky          track          topic
blank          question     pocket
monkey       junk           equal  
ache           public         attack
struck        picnic         banker  
blanket      mistake     stomach 
earthquake         electric
Challenge Words:        
request      skeleton    peculiar
attic           reckless

Holiday Party: Our class party will be on Dec. 20th which is our last full day before the holidays. We will celebrate at 2:00 and parents are welcome. You should have received an email with a sign up for party items.

December Book Report & Log due on January 5th. The genre is reader’s choice and the report can be turned in early

Tests This Week               
**Math: Check My Progress (Ch 6 Lessons 7-9)           
**Social Studies:
Voc. Quiz                        
**Math: Maniac Math Quiz                                    
**Spelling: Test on /k/,/ng/,  & /kw/ words                  
**Math MW & DOL Quiz     
Future Test- Math:
Chapter 6 & Reading: Novel Quiz on Jan. 5th.

Important Dates:                                                                       
Half Day: Dec. 21st              
Winter Break: Dec. 22-Jan.3rd
Return to School: Jan. 4th  
Report Cards: Jan. 5th

Thank you to Addison Parfrey for sending in class snacks. They are greatly appreciated.

**Student of the Week** Mekhi Freeman was student of the week. His birthday is June 4th. Happy ½ Birthday Mekhi!    

 Study Guides for future Social Studies & Science tests are on the class web page on the Drayton Hall page.