Upcoming Events

10/9 IPad meeting @ 6:15

10/11 Weather Test

10/12 IPad meeting @ 6:15

10/13 Spelling/Vocab. Challenge

10/13 Story Quiz

10/13 Math Ch. 3 Test

10/13 Book Talk Mystery due

Notes from the teacher

The Native American Projects were wonderful!  I hope you had fun making them.  Parents must attend one of two IPad meetings this week in order for students to take IPads home.  Look for a sign up sheet for Parent Teacher Conferences in this week’s Wednesday Folder.

Thanks, Mrs. Gibson

Spelling Words

bloom, cookbook, tool, shampoo, put, wool, stool, proof, prove, group, brook, foolish, bush, crooked, booth, raccoon, hook, groom, roof, soup

Soc. St. Vocab

merchant, navigation, enslaved, missionary, ally, astrolabe, magnetic compass, caravel


Reading Vocab


appreciation, blaring, combination, promptly, introduce, nocturnal, effort, suggest, racket,  feats





Star of the Week








Social Studies

The World According to Humphrey

IPad Project

Sounds of oo

Ch. 3 Multiplication & Division

  • Weather

Unit 3 Age of Exploration






 Text Box: Class 4-4
Text Box: Aug. 274-28, 2015
Text Box: Mrs. Gibson



 Text Box: Class 4-4
Text Box: August 17-21, 2015
Text Box: Mrs. Gibson










































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