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4/27 – Math Ch. 11 Test

4/28 -  Spelling/ Vocab. Challenge

4/28 Novel Quiz

Notes from the teacher:


It was great to see so many attend Carnival this Saturday!  Special thank you to Ella Grace’s mom for doing the basket, and to everyone who donated. MAP testing is this week Tuesday and Thursday.  We continue to      

        review for next week’s SC Ready test, so a       attendance is very important in the

          coming weeks!  Thanks, Mrs. Gibson

Spelling Words


Other, color, collar, doctor, spider, sugar, rather, dollar, favor, solar, cover, silver, weather, flavor, mother, flower, father, mirror, under, rumor, motor, tractor, grammar, harbor




Reading Vocab:

Crescendo, shriek, haphazardly, mortal, rubble, clatter, hackle, lull, mobile, squeamish, avalanche, hurtling

Soc. St. Vocab.

Blockade, Anaconda Plan, First Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Antietam, Battle of Gettysburg, Battle of Vicksburg








Social Studies

"Night of the Twisters"

Harriet Tubman DBQ

-er, -ar, -or

Ch.11 Measurement

  • Sound

Unit 8 Civil War






 Text Box: Class 4-4
Text Box: Aug. 274-28, 2015
Text Box: Mrs. Gibson



 Text Box: Class 4-4
Text Box: August 17-21, 2015
Text Box: Mrs. Gibson










































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