Upcoming Events 

3/14 Early Release @ 1:30

3/15 Math Ch. 10 Check My Progress

3/16 Spelling/Vocab. Challenge

3/16   - Story Quiz

3/23 – Book Talk Historical Fiction due

Notes from the teacher 

Thank you for participating in Boosterthon and Book Fair.  This week we begin our Science Unit Light and a class novel Sarah, Plain and Tall. Please be sure to bring novel to class daily.  Also we are completely out of tissue if you are able to send any in.  I hope we are done with flu season!  Mrs. Gibson

Spelling Words

idea, lion, usual, radio, liar, poem, India, piano, January, quiet, poet, science, diary, boiling, period, February, cereal, video, meteor, rodeo

Challenge Words

variety, gradual, geography, diagram, punctuate

Science Vocab.

prism, electromagnetic spectrum, refraction, reflection, transparent, translucent, opaque

Reading Vocab.

dusk, homely, wretched, feisty, cruel, slick, alarmed, clattered, roamer, whooped







Social Studies

Sarah, Plain and Tall

Biome Project

VV words

Ch. 10 Decimals & Fractions 

  • Light



Unit 7 Westward Expansion

 Text Box: Class 4-4
Text Box: Aug. 274-28, 2015
Text Box: Mrs. Gibson



 Text Box: Class 4-4
Text Box: August 17-21, 2015
Text Box: Mrs. Gibson










































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