Technology Lab 175

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ISTE Nets - Students                                                           ISTE Nets - Teachers

Students will apply knowledge learned in the classroom using various technology programs and accessories, enhancing educational skills. 

Technology used in the computer lab includes, but is not limited to, desktop computers, iPads, digital cameras, podcasts, SMART Notebook 11, SMART SYNC, SMART document cameras, flip-video cameras, Ipods and Web 2.0 programs. Students will also be using the strategy of Thinking Maps.

In the lab, we also learn about Netiquette, Cyberbullying and Internet Safety skills. Third, Fourth and Fifth graders will practice typing using a CCSD District program called Typing Master.

We now have a green screen lab which will be utilized for special projects by our students. Throughout the year, various grade levels with be introduced to Coding and the world of computer programming. 

We are hoping to utilize more robotics this year in the lab. We will be practicing using "Ollie" to do stunts, following coded directions and even show off his ( and our) math skills. We have been saving up to purchase some additional robotics to add this year. 

I love to find new and innovative Web 2.0 tools to share with my students. We are all very excited to be utilizing iPads in lots of different ways in our classrooms.