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The first graders in Mrs. Johnson's class came up with a new way to study and learn about Dr. Martin Luther King. After learning some very important things about Dr. King, they decided to "sing his praises." Using the Garage Band app on their ipads, small groups of students created their own beat and mixed the beat with facts that they had learned. Click and listen below for some very cool tunes by clicking on the title above and then the music. Ansley Mason Tamahri Rodrick.m4a                                                Mya Haven Rebecca Jaelin Gavin.m4a Jameson Earl Kendall Leeana Nathan.m4a                                        Jocelyn Jordan Hannah Eli.m4a Larina Lottie Ashley Wyatt Aiden.m4a
Posted by lisa_bevans  On Feb 09, 2017 at 1:03 PM 29 Comments