Class Weekly Newsletter

Week of January 22-25, 2019 

This Week in 4-2                     
Reading: Novels-Historical Fiction/Poetry              
New Years Writing                                            
Spelling: Words with suffixes /ful/, /less/, /ness/, & /ment/                        
Social Studies:
Revolutionary War                               
Science: Plants & Animals        

Spelling Words:              
colorful     weakness   movement
endless     truthful     illness
cheerful    useless      beautiful
restless    clumsiness pavement
peaceful    fondness    neatness
speechless  statement  wasteful
penniless      treatment               
Challenge Words:            
numbness   ailment   resourceful
cleanliness    appointment

Thank you to Hannah Aanstoos and Teagan McCoin for class snacks. Thank you to Malachai Miller for providing paper towels for our class. They are greatly appreciated!!


Tests This Week                
**Reading: Novel Quiz   
**Social Studies:
Voc. Quiz                                                 
: Test Words with sufixes /ful/, /less/, /ness/, & /ment                      
Adding/Subtracting Fraction Quiz        
Plant Quiz                             
**Math MW & DOL Quiz

Important Dates:                                             
Report Cards: Jan. 23rd 
Academic Pep Rally: Feb. 1st  
Bobcat Prowl: Feb. 1st           
PTO Meeting: Feb. 5th        
Tech Night: Feb. 5th         
Bobcat Spirit Day: Feb. 8th     
No School: Feb. 15th        
Interim Reports: Feb. 20th     
PTO Meeting: March 5th                         
Tech Night: March 5th          
Book Fair: March 4-8th         
Field Day: March 19th         
Spring Break: March 25-29th

**Student of the Week**  Grayson Morgan was student of the week. His birthday was Jan. 17th.  Happy Birthday Grayson!