Class Weekly Newsletter

Week of May 29-June 1, 2018

This Week in 4-2                     
Area & Perimeter                      
Reading: Scholastic News              
Writing: My Hero       
Spelling: Spelling Bee                                                     

**Please return all library books and pay all cafeteria fees as soon as possible.

**Thank you Addison Curry,  Collin Basich, and Chloe McKeel for helping with Safety Patrol this year.         

**Congratulations to the following students for being citizen of the month:          
Sept. Friendship-Addison Curry  
Oct. Creativity-Marin Lutz   
Nov. Gratitude-Sasha Kory 
Dec. Generosity-Selena Owens
Jan. Commitment-Collin Basich 
Feb. Kindness-Ethan Gustafson  
Mar.Patience-Selena Clickscales
April Peace-Zachary Lizinger   
May Honesty-Abbey Morea

**Thank you to Sasha Kory, Selena Owens and Jackson Ulak for being recyclers for our class


Important Dates:                                                 
5th Grade Graduation: May 29th
5K Celebrations: May 30th         
Half Day: May 31st                
Half Day: June 1st   

**Thank you to Olivia White for sending in class store items.

**Student of the Week**  
Jaxon Richards
was student of the week.
His birthday was May  23rd Happy Birthday Jaxon!

**Student of the Week**  
Dayln Bell
is student of the week this week.
His birthday was May 25th.  Happy Birthday Dayln!

A big thank you to all parents who helped our class this year. A special thank you to Mrs. Flora Owens (Selena’s Mom) for faithfully completing the Wed. folders each week. A special thank you to Tiffany Morea (Abbey’s Mom) for being our fabulous room Mom. It was a terrific year, and your help was greatly appreciated!