Class Weekly Newsletter

Week of Mar. 18-22, 2019

This Week in 4-2                     
Reading: Sarah Pain & Tall                          
Spelling: Final Schwa +/l/ Sounds                        
Social Studies:
Westward Expansion                               
Science: Sound

Spelling Words:                    
title          towel        battle
pedal         metal        simple
eagle         special      total
trouble      nickel        gentle
barrel        model        tangle
ankle          marvel      juggle
squirrel      riddle          
Challenge Words:       
cancel        decimal      material  
pretzel       triangle

March Book Report- Book Reports & logs are due on April 3rd. The genre is historical fiction, & students have the form. It is due after Spring Break! 

Field Day: This Tues. 9-11 on soccer field. Parents welcome.

Tests This Week               
**Science: Sound Voc. Quiz         
**Reading: Sarah Plain & Tall Voc Quiz I                                  
**Math: Measurement Unit Test          
**Spelling: Test on Final Schwa + /l/ Words                           
**Reading: Quiz on Sarah..Ch.1-5     
**Science: Sound Quiz                                               
**Math MW & DOL Quiz

Important Dates:                                                
Field Day: March 19th           
Early Release: March 22nd@1:30       
Spring Break: March 25-29th     
Report Cards: April 3rd           
Academic Pep Rally: April 12th 
Bobcat Prowl: April 12th    
Career Day: April 16th            
No School: April 19th             
No School: April 22nd 

Thank you to Malachai Miller & Clark Sunding for tissues for our class. They are greatly appreciated! We are supplied for awhile.