Class Weekly Newsletter

Week of September 17-21, 2018

This Week in 4-2         
Place Value/Adding & Subtracting Whole Numbers                          
Reading: Novel-“Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing”
Spelling:Words with long & short “o”                             
Social Studies: Native Americans                         
Science: Weather   

Spelling Words:                     
block          shown        oatmeal    
wrote         fellow        scold  
coast          odd            locate    
slope          throat       host  
online         shock         solve
known        remote         stock     
boast   globe             
Challenge Words:                   
bonus      approach    motion
continent         accomplish

Million Dollar Math Project is due this Friday September 21th. Remember there is extra credit if you complete a poster with items and prices. Please do your best.



Tests This Week                                
**Reading: Vocabulary Quiz        
**Reading:Novel Quiz on Ch. 4-7 –Friday-                    
**Spelling:Test on words with long and short “o”         
**Social Studies: Voc. Quiz              
**Math MW & DOL Quiz

Important Dates:                       
Early Release: Sept. 25th      
Progress Reports:
Sept. 26th      
Make-Up Pictures: Sept. 26th 
Bobcat Spirit Day: Sept. 28th                           
PTO/Open House:Oct. 9th 6:30    
Walk To School: Oct. 10th
Indent-A-Kid: Oct. 11th

Book Reports: Students have a book report due each month. The genre for Aug./Sept. is realistic fiction. The first report will be due on Oct. 2nd. The form will be sent home this week.

Update: This week we will complete our work from last week due to Hurricane Florence.