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4/12 Math Ch. 11 Check My Progress

4/13 Spelling/Vocab. Challenge

4/12 Picture Day

4/13 9:30 Honor Roll Assembly

         12:30-2 Bobcat Prowl

4/20 Fantasy Book Talk due

Notes from the teacher 

Welcome back from Spring Break!  This week we continue with Harriet Tubman DBQ and introduce Civil War in Social Studies. Look for the Science Light Study Guide Friday as we conclude our Light Activities this week. Don’t forget Picture Day is Thursday.

 Mrs. Gibson

Spelling Words

title, towel, battle, pedal, metal, simple, eagle, special, total, trouble, nickel, gentle, barrel, model, tangle, ankle, marvel, juggle, squirrel, riddle


Challenge Words

 cancel, decimal, material, pretzel, triangle

Soc. St. Vocab.

abolitionist, slave codes, Underground Railroad, free state, slave state, border state, Missouri Compromise, Kansas-Nebraska Act. Compromise of 1850, Fugitive Slave Law, secede, Union, Confederacy















Social Studies


Harriet Tubmand DBQ

le, el, al words

Ch. 11 Customary Measurement 

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Unit 8 Civil War

 Text Box: Class 4-4
Text Box: Aug. 274-28, 2015
Text Box: Mrs. Gibson



 Text Box: Class 4-4
Text Box: August 17-21, 2015
Text Box: Mrs. Gibson