Mrs. Jarrard's K-4 Class
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Welcome to Mrs. Jarrard's K-4 Class!  This Kindergarten class is a fun, hands-on and interactive environment.  Your child will develop in all areas during the school year and I am excited to teach each and everyone of them! 

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Here's What will be happening in K-4 throughout the school year!

Language Arts: The kindergarten year is the beginning of a journey into the world of education. A primary focus of language arts is making sense of the alphabet and its role in reading. Kindergartners explore letters, sounds and words as they apply this knowledge to read and write simple sentences. They learn that the printed word has meaning and enjoy a variety of literature experiences including fiction and non-fiction.

Mathematics: Kindergartners begin to make sense of the world of math. Geometric shapes become important tools in making math visible and tangible. By the end of kindergarten, students understand numbers, quantities and shapes in their everyday environments. Students are exposed to a variety of math exercises designed to empower them to count, compare, describe and sort objects, plus develop a sense of properties and patterns.

Science: Students are introduced to concepts related to Life, Earth and Physical Sciences.  Students learn the properties of materials, how to differentiate plants and animals in their kingdoms, and become aware of seasonal and physical changes in the Earth through hands-on activities and the use of their five senses.

Social Science: Kindergartners are introduced to geographic and historical connections between the world today and long ago. The stories of ordinary and extraordinary people help describe the range and continuity of human experience and introduce the concepts of: courage, self-control, justice heroism, leadership, deliberation, and individual responsibility. Historical empathy for how people lived and worked long ago reinforces the concept of civic behavior: following rules, and respecting the rights of others.

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